Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Monthly C4K: March

March 5:

This week I read Andrea J's blog post. She is from Iowa in Mr. Boylen's Language Arts class. Her question of topic was "What do you think you as a student gain from blogging with students and others outside of the school? Is it worth the time? Why/why not?" How appropriate, right? She said that she likes learning from strangers and thinks it is definitely worth her time. On the down side, she views blogging as a temporary assignment for class and not as something she will always incorporate into her learning style. I simply told her that blogging can always be a tool for learning, and she shouldn't give it up when her class is over.

March 11-15: Spring Break

March 20:

The student's post that I read today is by Taylor. She is in Mr. Seyfert's 6th grade class in Waukesha, WI. It seems like they use their blogs to post answers to questions about the books that they are reading. The latest blog post is called "Character to Self" in which she list some of the characteristics of the main character of her book then compares that character to herself. She is reading "Just For You To Know" by Cheryl Harness.She says that Cameron, the main character, blames her baby sister for "killing" her mother and hates having to take care of her younger siblings. She says that she is nothing like the character. Taylor's grammar and spelling was very good, and I congratulated her on such a great post. I also encouraged her to keep up her joy of reading.

March 27:

This week I am reading a persuasive post by Shorya Malhotra called " Illegal Immigration". This post is about the differences between illegal and legal immigrants and the rights and freedoms that force immigrants to become one or the other. It lists 3 main reasons: 1) illegal immigrants don't have to wait in any long lines and pay lots of money like legal immigrants do. 2) Legal immigrants have to pay for a green card then wait for it to come before they can act on certain rights, whereas illegal immigrants don't. And 3) illegal immigrants don't pay taxes yet get free schooling, healthcare, and social security while legal immigrants have to pay taxes like the rest of the citizens for these things. I don't know about you, but I was certainly convinced that the government needs to tighten down the reigns on the immigration in our country and make sure they know that doing things the illegal way has consequences. Not only did this post accomplish the persuasion aspect but it was also a very well written 5 paragraph paper with an intro, 3 body, and conclusion paragraphs.

April 1:

This week I have a student in Mrs. Krebs' 7th or 8th grade class from western Iowa. Her blogging name is Cowgirl. Her latest blog post is from March 8th and is titled "Religion Assignment". In this assignment from her Religion class, she is told to pick a verse from the Bible and find an illustration that depicts it. She picked Mark 16:16a which states, "Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved." She likes it because she knows the saving power and love of Christ. She hopes everyone will seeh er picture and read her verse and understand what all Christ does for his followers. She ends with a powerful prayer. This was her picture.

I congratulated her for standing strong in her faith and not being scared to share Christ's love with the world. Praying in front of people (classmates) is hard out loud but also online where it can never be permanently erased. This girl deserves some serious props! I loved reading and being able to comment on this post.

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