Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monthly C4K: April

April 11:

This week I have Eli A. from Ms. Geldes' 4th grade class in Nebraska. His comment was left on February 25 of this year when they had a snow day. He says that him and his dad and brother went sledding down a big hill with lots of people then made a ramp and were jumping over it. He then asks if anyone else has had  a snow day. I informed him that sadly down here in southern Alabama, we don't even get to see snow much less get a snow day. His spelling was very good, and he used bigger words than I was expecting. His punctuation and capitalization weren't very good though. I'm not sure how to tell the poor child that so I just told him to keep up the good work and try to make every post better and better!

April 18:

Mia from Mrs. Kathleen and Ms. Jordan's 4th grade class is my student for this week. She goes to Leopold Primary School in Australia. Her school got 2 weeks off for Spring Break/Easter. and her and her family went to Indonesia. She wrote about packing, the airport, and the plane ride over. Her writing was very good and her story flowed and was very descriptive. I told her that I was going to Mexico this summer, and I would be on a long flight too but not quite 6 hours. I really enjoyed reading her post. It was much longer than the post I read from most kids. I also thought it was very cute that she referred to her mom as Mum!

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