Monday, March 4, 2013

PLN Summary #1


I'm not really sure how this summary is supposed to look or if I am supposed to include a video or audio clip or anything but basically I am figuring out Symbaloo. This website allowed you to save all your websites as they might look as apps on like an iphone. By clicking on any of the small blocks/icons it will open up a new tab to connect you to whatever your website is. I am just figuring it out and have not put all of my sites up on it yet, but I have set it as my default for when I open my browser or any new tab. This way, all my information is right where I need it and stays organized. Also, I believe that once I have my profile complete, then others can view my, what they call, webmix and get links to all my websites. This is great for all my awesome educational help sites. I can send any fellow teacher right to my Symbaloo to see all my sites.

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  1. Hey Roanna, I was not exactly sure as to what the PLN summary was supposed to look like either, but I knew Symbaloo was going to be the tool I used in order to do so. With all the assignments in which we engage with others, I do not think we will have a problem coming up with a thorough and very helpful PLN. Best of luck to you in creating your PLN and in the rest of your EDM310 class.